Our Network

Blinck is expanding and oh-boy do we have exiting plans for the future!?

We are currently in the process of building an international online platform for professional photographers & video makers, presenting their creative interests and simultaneously allowing them to sell their product/services online. This to collectively become more visible, pushing prices and quality together!

The goal is to become the go-to one-shop-stop for companies looking for creative content makers within photography and film, but simultaneously focusing of our freelancers wants and rights. We aim to cover all challenges for freelancers, and also make a home-base social platform, both online and at our home base Kongens Gate.

If you would like to stay updated in this process, you could either sign up for our newsletter, or pre-register yourself as an user of the platform! We are always looking for talented content providers at Blinck, and this would also put you straight into our database!

Let’s make content great again, together!

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